Chulita Mare.e.Fresh - Soñando sin Sueño

Maybe its the summer creeping in, or my heart just feeling lighter in general—-either way, I made this mix to groove to, and feel good too, and to let go of anything we might still be holding onto que ya no nos sirva porque, LIFE IS SHORT!
— DJ Mare.e.Fresh

Every week we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from DJ Mare.e.Fresh's collection.

Mare.e.Fresh is a a DJ/producer based out of San Jose that plays a mix of cumbia/hiphop/bootyshake. Her DJ'ing is centered around taking up and harvesting space in which her and other ladies can have fun and dance in through music. She is a Chulita of the Chulita Vinyl Club Bay Area chapter.


1. Jasmine Blossoms- Metal Fingers

2. You'll Never Find (A Love like Mine)- Janet Jackson

3. Heartbreaker Pts.1-2- Zapp & Roger

4. Cariñito- Los Hijos del Sol

5. Pajarillo Montañero- Rigo Tovar

6. He's so Fine- The Chiffons

7. So Fresh, So Clean- Outkast

8. Lookout Weekend- Debbie B

9. Linda Muñequita- Los HIjos del Sol

10. La Sortija- Sonora Dinamita

11. Do What you Gotta Do- Nina Simone

12. I Wish you Love- Gloria Lynn