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Chulita Vinyl Club mixes make a comeback

Our Soundcloud mixes are making a comeback December 2017!

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary we're bringing back the mixes! We were on a quick hiatus but we can't wait to get our mixes back in motion ~

Chulita Vinyl Club mixes consist of a Chulita creating a mix that comes directly from their vinyl collection and we publish it for you to listen to and enjoy. Our first one comes to you Tuesday, December 5, 2017 and they'll come to you bi-weekly.  Stay tuned for more info! 

In the meantime, enjoy our previous mixes which are still just as good~

Chulita Lizzy al Toque - Cumbia Serrana

Chulita Lizzy al Toque - Cumbia Serrana

Cumbia Serrana is a humble ode to 60s & 70s cumbia peruana - soft and romantic, these cumbias blend sounds from rock, old westerns, musica andina y a veces musica amazonica. They'll make you dance, but they'll also make you want to lay in your bedroom and get nostalgic. I feel very lucky just to be able to hear these songs. These records can feel so unattainable and far away, and at the same time, they feel so close to me that they feel part of me. This is a sampling, like a small candy box of my favorite sweets.