The Alcalde + Chulita Vinyl Club

“It made me more confident in what I have to offer to my community,” Calle says. “It has opened my eyes and my ears to new sounds, new people, and new ways of talking about life. As an international student, I thought I couldn’t participate in a community. Now, I know I can.”

The University of Texas at Austin's alumni publication The Alcalde speaks to Chulita Vinyl club members about their role on and off the UT Austin campus. Take a read!

Latinos Who Lunch + Chulita Vinyl Club

¡CHULXS! Latinos Who Lunch's BONUS EPISODE is out and that means LA LISTA of CVC'S FAVORITE VINYL ALBUMS OF 2016 is up live! Chulitas from all chapters contributed their favorite newly released or vinyl reissue and it's stellar! Take a peek and if you don't hear a s/o for your favorite record share with us what had you rushing to the record store!

We are mitú + Chulita Vinyl Club

“We need to step up and show that we’re here and that we’ve always been here,” says Xochi Solis, 35, a member of CVC’s Austin chapter. She sees CVC’s existence as an opportunity of cultural connection and storytelling. “As I become more and more engaged with my CVC chapter and the others nationally, I believe we are truly arriving on the scene as accomplished DJs in a male-dominated field, but that we are also nurturing and developing a safe space for each individual mujer to tell their own personal narratives through the culture of sound.”

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Ms. Magazine + Chulita Vinyl Club

"The CVC is what happens when you smash together collectivism, activism and expression. Grown from cities experiencing massive urban upheaval, waves of gentrification or cataclysmic change in neighborhoods that are (or were) historically made up of people of color, CVC nowe has branches in Austin, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area."

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Alieníjas + Chulita Vinyl Club

2016 Chulita interview on the Alieníjas podcast

"Entrevistamos a Claudia y Maribel, dos integrantes de Chulita Vinyl Club, una red de coleccionistas femeninas de vinilos en los estados de Tejas y California. Platicamos acerca de la continuación del legado familiar de las rancheras a través de los vinilos, sus esfuerzos por fomentar escenas gestionadas por mujeres y del amor y el elitismo endémicos al coleccionismo."

Temas dentro de la entrevista, en orden:
1. Flaco Jiménez- El pantalón blue jean
2. Quitapenas- Valle Moreno
3. Rosie and the Originals- Angel Mío
4. Little Joe y La Familia- Prieta linda
5. Juaneco y Su Combo- Linda nena