Chulita Lizzy al Toque - Cumbia Serrana

Cumbia Serrana is a humble ode to 60s & 70s cumbia peruana - soft and romantic, these cumbias blend sounds from rock, old westerns, musica andina y a veces musica amazonica. They'll make you dance, but they'll also make you want to lay in your bedroom and get nostalgic. I feel very lucky just to be able to hear these songs. These records can feel so unattainable and far away, and at the same time, they feel so close to me that they feel part of me. This is a sampling, like a small candy box of my favorite sweets. 

All songs in this mix are performed by Peruvian artists in the 60s & 70s - with the exception of track 6 which/who is Colombian and track 9, which is chichi might have been made in the early 80s.

Every week we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from DJ Lizzy al Toque's collection.

Lizzy aka Lisbeth Ortega is a Peruvian-American Chulita based out of San Francisco via New York and Ventura. In the coming months, she'll be holding a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the recent floods that have devastated the lives of so many people in Peru. Keep an eye on our social for it.


1. Que Pasara - Los Beta 5

2. Canchis Canchis / La Flor de Papa / Mambo de Machahuay - Cuarteto Continental  

3. El Supercholo - Manzanita y su conjunto

4. Ollantay - Los Destellos

5. El Chacarero - Los Gatos Blancos 

6. La Danza de la Chiva - Pedro Jairo Garces y su Guitarra Electrica

7. Cumbia Morena - Los Destellos

8. Amor Andino - Los Destellos

9. El Solterito - Grupo Alegria de Huancayo

10. Pobre Corazon - Chango y su conjunto

11. El Escape - Los Mirlos 

12.  Apurando el Paso - Los Destellos