Chulita Vinyl Club Austin - Marfa Myths Festival 2017 – Live Mix

Amongst the ocotillo and dust, Chulita Vinyl Club Austin spun our hearts out for the Marfa Myths crowd hoping to expand their minds and move their culo. Take a listen! Marfa Myths is an annual music festival and multidisciplinary cultural program founded in 2014 by nonprofit contemporary arts foundation Ballroom Marfa and Brooklyn-based music label Mexican Summer." - Chulita No Pasa Nada – México D.F.; Chulita Mira Mira - Austin, Tejas; Chulita Hysteria – Puebla, México; Chulita Laslavi - Austin, Tejas

Every week we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from CVC Austin live from the Marfa Myths Festival.

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