A message from Chulita Tear Drop

CVC Bay Area Chulita Hella Breezy's Recovery Fund

Our Chulita Hella Breezy aka Mayra from our CVC Bay Area chapter was in a serious car accident this past weekend, which required emergency surgery to repair her lungs and organs that shifted in the accident. As you can all imagine, this has been an incredibly difficult experience for both Myra and her family and friends including they will come across high medical expenses. They have started a GoFundMe to support Myra in this road to her recovery. Please considering donating to support Myra’s recovery.

A message from CVC Bay Area:

Hey Gente,

As some of you may know, one of CVC's members, Mayra (DJ Hella Breezy) was hit by a drunk driver and has been hospitalized. Thankfully sis doesn't have any broken bones (not even a broken nail! but she's still recovering internally after some intense surgery. The Bay Area Chulitxs are now working with her family to raise funds to support her recovery. Her remaining time in the hospital is unknown & the bills are stacking up on our girl.

-CVC Bay Area


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