Chulita Sin Amores - Hijx de tu CUMBIA madre

What inspired me to make this mix is the medicina que trai cuando estamos en la ceremonia de la CUMBIA. The call to the drum by the tambor, the influence of the afrolatinx ancestros that were resilient to colonization and fine tuned the accordion, the indigenous peoples of las ciebas that added the guiro tan sabroso. The mezcla of tunes that are tied to emocion y espiritu.
This mix is dedicated to the alma of my papi Juan Mendoza, mi familia en Mexicali, Baja California, to mi familia en el Este de Los Angeles y Boyle Heights, and lastly, to my chosen family in the Bay Area.
This mix could not have been made possible without the help and teaching from the one and only, Mare.E.Fresh. Sin Amores would like to especially thank Jahaira Morales, DJ Brown Amy, Sonido Ozzy (Ritmo Unido/Sonido Clash), Turbo Sonidero (Sonido Clash/ Grupo Jeje) for their inspiration, teachings, and encouragement. Un gran agradecimento for the founder of CVC, Claudia Saenz who shared her dream and created this platform that has inspired so many folks.
— Chulita Sin Amores

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Bay Area, Chulita Sin Amores’ vinyl collection.

Crystal Mendoza aka DJ Sin Amores is a queer latinx papi that was born in el desierto de Indio, Califas and was raised in the barrios of el Este de Los Angeles, Boyle Heights y Mexicali, Baja Califas. Durante el dia, you can find Crystal in community spaces providing case management services to our jente y youth in the barrio of the Mission District, San Pancho. Durante la noche, you can find Sin Amores on the decks providing ritmo y sabor! Crystal’s musical pallet consists of all vinyl CUMBIA sets (sonidera, colombiana, chicha, tradicional, techno, dub, y mas). Crystal’s musical taste is influenced by her lived experience which is represented by the borderlands of Califas y Mexicali, Baja California. For the past three years, Sin Amores has played with Chulita Vinyl Club, una colectiva of vinyl loving dj’s. When Crystal is not curating shows, she is spending time with her 3.4 pound Chihuahua named Malaki y con los elimentos de la agua, sol, yerba y tierra. Que vivan las soniderx!



  1. Cumbia Con Harpa-Hugo Blanco

  2. Negra Yo Soy- Maria Alba

  3. Cumbia de las Brujas- Organizacion Genesis

  4. Cumbia de las Carinosas-Mario y Sus Diamantes

  5. Guey Je Pepa-Combo Nuevo

  6. Cumbia Volcadora-Orkesta Mendoza

  7. Lalango-Malphino

  8. Looking for Kiwanos-Malphino

  9. La Cumbia del Pacurro-Juaneco y Su Combo

  10. Baila mi Vida feat. Boti Lomeli-Philthy Dronez y Su Brigada de la Cumbia

  11. Alegria de no tener Pension-Romperayo