Chulita Tear Drop - Hurts when there's nothing to hurt about Vol. II

I started devotedly collecting records while living in Austin, TX. I was living on my own, working my first big “real” job, a post-grad trying to make ends meet. I had my own place for the first time ever, but I couldn’t afford wi-fi and didn’t want it either. Collecting records and surrounding myself with music became my new obsession. Breakaway Records, a cherished record shop in my neighborhood, became my second home. Collecting records, surrounding myself with people that loved music as much as I did and losing myself in my records, especially music that hurts when there’s nothing to hurt about, at home was my new love and precious fascination.

Records by artists or records labels from my Texas border hometown in the Rio Grande Valley are special to me. I appreciate anything from Los Relámpagos del Norte. The song “Idos de la Mente” is a slow ballad that’s so sweet and it just fills my heart.
— Chulita Tear Drop

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

Today’s mix comes directly from Chulita Vinyl Club's founder and director, Chulita Tear Drop's vinyl collection.

Claudia Saenz aka Tear Drop is an all vinyl DJ, record collector and founder/director of Chulita Vinyl Club. Her vinyl collection specializes in 45s of tunes from her roots in South Texas and songs that hurt when there's nothing to hurt about.

On a typical DJ set night, you can hear her play sixties girl groups, Tejano, corridos, rancheras, chicano souldies, Motown, soul ballads or records she just recently acquired that might not fit the theme of the night but that she is excited to share and hear it out on some better speakers than the ones she has at home. She currently resides in San Jose, California.

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