The CVC pins are being restocked - and soon, the CVC Tear Drop Pin will be ready for delivery. Preorder* yours now (CVC pins tend to sell out like tortillas calientes). They’ll be ready to ship starting March 18, 2019.

CVC Tear Drop Pin

Restock of Tear Drop Lapel Pin

This pin is an homage to Tear Drop Records, a revered record label in Texas. This record label is one of the many reasons that inspired our founder to collect records and one of the many reasons why she decided to start CVC. 

Aside from this record label taking on a personal anecdote on one of the many reasons on how it lead to the formation of CVC, it is also an homage to the sounds of Chicano Soul movements and brown-eyed soul which we incorporate often in our CVC sets.

  • A restock!

  • 2 color pin

  • 1.50" soft enamel pin

  • Black Metal

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