Chulita Cienfuegos - Los Adioses

A musical effort to soothe the fear that arises from the uncertainty of goodbyes.
— DJ Cienfuegos

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from CVC Austin, DJ Cienfuegos' collection.

Camila is a DJ and PhD student living in Austin, TX. She has a soft spot for 80's music and cheesy one hit wonders. This mix was made because she will never get over the fact having to say goodbye to her loved ones back in Mexico everytime she comes back to Austin.


  1. Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills & Nash
  2. Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
  3. Somewhere - Tom Waits
  4. Ne Me Quitte Pas - Nina Simone
  5. Que Te Pedí - La Lupe
  6. Encadenados - Lucho Gatica
  7. One for my Baby - Frank Sinatra
  8. Me voy a morir de tanto amor - Alberto Iglesias
  9. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over - Jeff Buckley
  10. The Only Living Boy in NYC- Simon & Garfunkel
  11. Faust Arp - Radiohead
  12. Clair de Lune (Debussy) - Attaca Quartet

mix Artwork, Cover By: Amigui Estudio