Chulita Laura Se Fue - I Cry

I was inspired to name my mix after Millie Jackson’s song “I Cry” that calls out segregation and economic injustice after the Civil Rights movement. It represents an era of Black Power and revolutionary movements. The song was released in 1973 yet those sentiments still resonate today. At times we cry about injustices, about love and heartbreak, but through music we heal and get by.
— DJ Laura Se Fue

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from CVC San Diego, DJ Laura Se Fue's collection.

Laura Se Fue is a member of San Diego chapter. Born and raised in San Diego, grew up living the border life and recently moved to Tijuana. Studied cultural anthropology, now graphic design. Collects a variety of music but has a special love for Latin/Soul and all that her mother grew up listening to.