Chulita Marvelouz - Cabrona y Romantica

This is a mix of love songs for las rompecorazones, corazones quebrados, y corazones that need some lovin.
— DJ Marvelouz

Every week we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from DJ Marvelouz's (CVC Bay Area) collection.

Marvelouz hails from LA growing up in South Central and Venice areas. Her biggest music influences were the romanticas, cumbias, Mexican pop and prog rock songs her mom played in the kitchen every morning. G-Funk and West coast gangster rap are also big influences. Catch her in the Bay Area spinning with the Chulitas. 


  1. Me Gustas Mucho-Julia Palma
  2. Amor Prohibido Live from the Astrodome in Houston,Texas- Selena
  3. Que Bello-Cover
  4. Ese Mar Es Mio-Los Inocentes 
  5. Cachito-Mana
  6. Si Una Vez Live from the Astrodome in Houston,Texas- Selena
  7. Jugando-Mariana Rosales
  8. Puño de Tierra-Mariana Rosales
  9. Cuando Se Tiene Ganas- Los Tigres del Norte 
  10. Tres Heridas-Bronco
  11. Black Lipstick-Chicano Batman
  12. Lo Que Fue No Sera-Jose Jose 
  13. Para Que Sufrir-Natalia Lafourcade