Chulita si mon guey - Afrochingona

Happy Black HERstory Month, gente!

A celebration of Afrolatinidad with a kiss of bass, this mix is an expression of love and appreciation for the skin I inherited. This is also a callback to some of the Black and Brown artists/leaders I grew up admiring—and some I’ve recently come to love—who contribute to a love of who I am. It took me until early adulthood to truly appreciate my abundance of melanin, and to feel not only comfortable, but empowered in my identity—having often felt like “la morena” with my Mexican family, not feeling “Black enough” for my African American community, and too ambiguous to fit in elsewhere. What does it mean to be enough? I’m finding self-love in letting go of expectations, dancing like no one’s watching, and seeking inspiration in other Chingonxs doing their thing.

So this one’s for you, sis. The one who puts up with way too much bullshit from this world. This one’s for a feelin-myself-moment, for self-love, and for striking a pose in a mirror that just can’t handle all that you are SERVING. This one’s strictly for whipping your greñas around. This one’s for round hips and strong shoulders. This one’s for my Brown and Black sisters, those who overcome. You are one, but you are many. You are fine and you are plenty.
— Chulita si mon guey

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Bay Area, Chulita si mon guey’s vinyl collection.

Si Mon’ (pronounced as “Simone”) is a performer, educator, and activist who reps Dallas, TX. She is a proud Afro-Latina/Afro-Tejana/Mezcla/Blaxican who finds pride in her culture(s), her history, and her people. She started her journey with CVC during her studies in Austin back in 2016, then moved to California in 2018 to work with Berkeley Repertory Theatre. As she had hoped, the Bay Area Chulitas welcomed Si Mon’ into their chapter with opened arms and she now spins throughout the area, residing in Berkeley, CA. In her crate, you can find a wide variety or Disco and Funk, House remixes, plenty of Selena (as a true Tejana would have) and other Cumbias, Jazz, Tejanos, Southern (and some West-coast) Hip-Hop/Rap, general 80s jams, and more.

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  1. Caras Lindas - Susana Baca - (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  2. Mandinga - Novalima (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  3. Maiysha (SO LONG) ft. Erykah Badu - Miles Davis & Robert Glasper (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  4. Over Come - SJ Pierre (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  5. Slowly “Deep Vocal House Mix” - Glenn Underground & Matt Hughes ft. Swayle (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  6. Remember the Time (Silky Soul 12’ Mix) - Michael Jackson (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  7. Bills Bills Bills (Digital Black-N-Groove Club Mix) - Destiny’s Child (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  8. One in a Million (Wolf-D’s Big Bass Mix) - Aaliyah (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  9. Stay Safe (Channel Tres Remix) - Rhye (Vinyl, 78rpm)

  10. Lavish [Chopped & Screwed] - Twista (Vinyl, 78rpm)

  11. Triblin Sound - Eduardo y Hank (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  12. Fin Del Mundo - Sister Mantos (Vinyl, 45rpm)

  13. Feel Like I Do - Disclosure & Al Green (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  14. By Your Side (Naked Music / Jay Denes Mix) - Sade (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  15. Triblin Sound - Negroid (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  16. Mine - Princess Nokia (Vinyl, 33rpm)

  17. Negra Presuntuosa - Susana Baca (Vinyl, 33rpm)