Chulita Sue Problema (aka Spin and Sparkle) - Encuentros Cercanos

I am continually drawn to the more unusual side of cumbia that includes electronic, synthesizer, and organ sounds. This mix is a continuation of the Música Cósmica theme started in my first CVC mix nearly three years ago. Since that first mix I have cofounded a cassette label called Discos Extraños with Bobby Ganush.
— Chulita Sue Problema

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Bay Area, Chulita Sue Problema's's vinyl collection.

Rebecca was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She landed in San Francisco in 2015. By day she is a Children's Librarian and by evenings and weekends a vinyl digger and collector.

1. Organización Santa Martha - Cumbia de las Locas 45 rpm (Disco Lalo)

2. Los Disco Duro - Cumbia Sampuesana 45 rpm (Discos Más)

3. Los Polanko - Cumbia de los Pajaritos 45 rpm (SEGO)

4. Los Condors - Las Lajitas 45 rpm (Discos Room)

5. Los Lunáticos de Juan - Cumbia en Azul 45 rpm (Discos Discos)

6. Fito Olivares y Su Grupo - E.T. 45 rpm (Gil Records)

7. Los Kassino de Chucho Pinto - Cumbia de los Toques - De Mucho Ambiente LP (ECO)

8. Tulio Enrique Leon - Cumbia Algarrobera - El Artista del Teclado LP (Discomoda)

9. Lucho Silva - Cumbia del Indio 45 rpm (Melody)

10. Afrosound - Tiro al Blanco - Canonazos Bailables LP (Fuentes)

11. Grupo Celeste - El Viejo Molino 45 rpm (Prodic)

IG: @sueproblema