Chulita Mira Mira- ⚭ aquí me quedo ⚭

They say a song is a memory palace. If that is true, here I stay rooted between the tracks of our present and future ancestors. Here is where I make my home.
— Chulita Mira Mira

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Austin, Chulita Mira Mira’s collection.

#XochiSolis is an Austin, TX-based mixed media artist. Her works include multilayered, collaged paintings constructed from paint, hand-dyed paper, vinyl, plastics, and images from found books and magazines. Solis considers the repeated act of layering a meditation on color, texture, and shape, all leading to a greater awareness of the visual intricacies found in her immediate environment, both natural and cultural. Solis shares her studio time between Texas and Mexico. As an accomplished artist and leader in her community with over 15 years of experience, Solis is enthusiastic about continuing to transform her practice as a cultural producer into a vehicle for active citizenship and civic responsibility. In addition to her studio practice, she manages and spins records with Austin chapter of Chulita Vinyl Club. / @xochisolis


  1. Saudade - Barrio Lindo

  2. Candela - León Brothers

  3. El más rico de los hombres pobres (Adán)- Fedra y Maximiliano

  4. No digas nada - PIC-NIC

  5. Brillo de sol - Los Dug Dug’s

  6. Tiempo de olvidar - La Libre Expresión

  7. Meditación - Los Temerarios

  8. Monta un caballito - Esteban Jordan y su Compania Supermex

  9. Vato loco - El Grupo 101

  10. Yo soy chicano - The Royal Jesters

  11. Allí en Laredo- René y René

  12. Cuando yo era un jovencito - Ramón Ayala

  13. Tu frío corazón - Flaco Jiménez

  14. Canción mixteca - Roberto Sasian

  15. La negra tomasa (Bilongo) - Caifanes

  16. Pulsatron - Pancrudo

  17. Déjame en paz - DJ Lengua

  18. El Marcianito - Captain Planet

  19. La mujer culebra - Los Blacanguay

  20. Mambo rapidito - Qrquesta Akokán

  21. Vive la vida hoy - Los Amaya

  22. Qué bonito aquella la noche - Las Grecas

  23. Tequila - The Three Suns

  24. Amor secreto - Eduardo Nuñez

  25. Mi vida siento que te amo - Sonny Ace

  26. Esclavo y amo - Los Pasteles Verdes

  27. Vestida de negro - S.O.S.