Chulita Moniloca - Sad Jente Mix

What inspired this mix is just seeing my friend sad and then saying to him I will play you some “sad girl” jams, but he is a man. It hit me...why does sadness or heartbreak only apply to me as a woman..So then I said wait this are sad jente songs. I, myself, was also going through a heartbreak but not caused by any person just the fact that I had recently lost my art space/studio. I was so sad crying and hurt by the fact that I lost this space that meant so much to me. Sometimes sadness is caused by community, life or love. So please get some tissue and a nice drink to enjoy the jams I play to ease my pobre corazon.
— Chulita Moniloca

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC San Diego, Chulita Moniloca’s collection.

Moni has been collecting records since she was 15 and she started off with just soul and oldies. Her uncle who is a DJ would invite her to play oldies at weddings while people were eating dinner. Moni collects mostly soul oldies and plays them on her podcast Lowrider Sundays. She uses this platform to share the music she is so passionate about. To her, sharing and digitally archiving these sounds on her show is very important, so that our future generations can enjoy this music once the records are gone. Moni has a huge collection besides just oldies, you can catch her at car club functions playing some old school & funk; or at her other CVC nights playing anything from 90s house to rock en español. She is always willing to help any one wanting to learn to spin or that has questions about collecting that's probably why they call her “momma Moni” because she is always willing to teach and help.

Come out and listen to Chulita Moniloca (CVC San Diego) spin tunes at our next event.