Chulita Dada - Midsummer Drive

My mix is was an archive of what I was feeling in the middle of summer, wanting to dance and be outside but also reminiscent of the summers from my younger days and sometimes being somber under the blazing sun.
— Chulita Dada

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Austin, Chulita Dada's collection.

DADA aka Natalia Rocafuerte is a contemporary visual artist and multimedia technician currently based in Austin, TX. Rocafuerte is interested in borders and boundaries within post-modern identities. Being an immigrant, Rocafuerte is interested in the fluidity of identities intertwined with some wit.  Rocafuerte's latest art installation entitled "Home is Where My Papers Are" is currently displayed at Mexic-Arte Museum for the Young Latinx Artists 23: Beyond Walls, Between Gates, Under Bridges.


  1. Magic Kids - Sailin (USA)
  2. Los Shapis - Chofercito Carretero (Peru)
  3. محمد جمال - دروب الهوى "Mohammad jamal - Doroup El Hawa" (Lebanon / Palestine) 
  4. of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us (USA)
  5. todd terje- inspector norse (Norway)
  6. Black Devil Disco Club - "H" Friend (France)
  7. Quantic Y Los Miticos del Ritmo - Doombia (USA)
  8. Celia Cruz - Mathia Perez Boogaloo (Cuba)
  9. Mula - Retumba (Dominican Republic) 
  10. Andres Landero - La Pava Congona (Colombia)
  11. Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada - Vendendo Saude E Fe (USA)
  12. The Mystics - Hushabye (USA)