Chulita Lizzy al Toque - Dando Vueltas En Ovni Por La Sierra

This mix is inspired by experimental Peruvian musicians both old and new. This mix has an Andean angle (La Sierra) and while it mostly features peruvian artists, it includes a couple of artists who seem to have Andean and chicha influences. Dando vueltas en ovni means doing loops in a UFO, or as I like to think - doing donuts in a UFO. This references the psychedelic quality a lot of these artists embrace and also plays around with the fact that Los Ovnis are featured, along with a song titled Dando vueltas en ovni by Romperayo. So please, come with me, and enjoy the ride.
— Chulita Lizzy al Toque

Today, we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas - the mix comes directly from their vinyl collection.

This mix comes directly from CVC Bay Area, Chulita Lizzy al Toque’s collection.

Lizzy al toque is a Peruvian-American DJ based in San Francisco. She learned how to DJ from another Chulita in 2015. She collected records in Peru and knew she had something special to share, holding onto them and playing them for friends at home from time to time. It wasn’t until that night that she found love in sharing music in a bar. She hasn’t stopped since. Find where she’s playing next on Instagram at @lisbetho.


  1. Munahuanqui (Cuzco)

  2. Pio pio - Los Shapis

  3. Felices Momentos - Grupo Maravilla

  4. El Petrolero - Los Polanko

  5. Molienda - Malphino

  6. Tuntuna rebajada - Romperayo

  7. Outropical (Version B) - Rolovo

  8. Dando vueltas en ovni - Romperayo

  9. Un Sabado por la Noche - Manzanita y Su Conjunto

  10. A Mi Ley - Los Ovnis

  11. Achachau (Ayacucho y Cuzco)

  12. Wakrapukara (Junin y Cuzco; Quispicanchis)