Chulita LaPhDj - Peruvian Cumbia Flavor

So, I do this PhD thing that gets me the chance to travel, read and do research on how cumbia reshapes the connections between provinces, regions ad capital cities in Colombia, Peru and Argentina. I was lucky enough to be wandering the streets of Lima this summer, listening how Peruvians have transformed cumbia. I found the 45’s that compound this mix in second hand record stores in Downtown Lima. Alfredo Villar, one cumbia’s most active researchers and advocates guided me to the stores, and navigated with me through Peru’s incredibly prolific record market between 1960 and 1990. I went back several times and spent afternoons sitting in a small bench paying close attention to the guaracha beats in the songs, the acid electric guitar riffs, and the Andean sound pouring out of this vibrant mixture of rhythms and traditions. This mix is an homage to Ate, to Lima and its Pisco sour nights. It’s also an homage to Peruvian people and their vibrant guitars and their exquisitely rural, avant-garde songs.
— LaPhDj

We feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from DJ LaPhDj 's (CVC Austin) collection.

Ana Cecilia Calle (LaPhDj) was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She writes, reads and spins in Austin, TX. 


  1. Apolo 11, Los destellos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Odeón
  2. La cumbia del sol, Los destellos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Odeón
  3. Venus, Los Pakines (vinyl, 45 rpm) Perú, Discos Sonoradio
  4. La espumita del río, Los casmeños, (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Rey Record
  5. A Patricia, Los destellos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Odeón
  6. Poco a poco, Los chipis (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Midas Records
  7. Don Cuto, Los Benfords (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Infopesa
  8. Hojas verdes, Los pakines (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Odeón
  9. Margarita, Popy y sus pirañas, (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Dinsa
  10. Silbando, Los rivereños (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Polydor
  11. Baila, flaquita, baila, Los ecos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Discos FTA
  12. Cumbia quántica, Los quantos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Discos FTA
  13. La gallina, Félix Martínez y sus chavales (vinyl, 45 rpm), Discos FTA
  14. La escobita, Los compadres del Ande (vinyl, 45 rpm), Discos Odeón
  15. Chola ingrata, Los ecos (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos FTA
  16. Mi dolor, Chacalón y la nueva crema (vinyl, 45 rpm), Perú, Discos Horóscopo (reissue available, 33 rpm, Discos Horóscopo, 2017)