Chulita Sad Sam - Sunny Daze

Chulita Sad Sam - Sunny Daze

This week's mix comes directly from DJ Sad Sam's collection.

Sam was born in East L.A. and raised in El Paso - given the best of both worlds living near the ocean and the desert. Like the rest of us, she's just trying to get through the daily struggles of this imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, one day at a time. She spends her spare time caffeinated, creating art, and hanging out with her dog, Enchilada. 

Chulita Hysteria - Music for self-love

This mix is a mix for self-care and self-love. We do so many things in our everyday life and we need a time for calming down and relax or dance. Music for enjoying and celebrate life. Face to all the multiple violences, these are times where we need to care and feel ourselves a lot. 

DJ Hysteria was born and raised in Mexico, she came to Austin to do her PhD.  She loves to dance, spin records, smash patriarchy and enjoy life with friends.

Every week we feature a mix from one of our very own Chulitas- the mix comes directly from her vinyl collection.

This week's mix comes directly from DJ Hysteria's collection.


  1.  Maniac- Michael Sembello
  2.  Ladies Night- Kool & The Gang
  3. I Feel Love- Donna Summer
  4.  Yakety Yak-The Coasters
  5. Long Tall Sally- Little Richard
  6. These Boots Are Made For Walking- Nancy Sinatra
  7. Ballade de Melody Nelson-Serge Gainsbourg/Jean Claude Vannier
  8. Lucila-Enrique Guzmán
  9. Sin Mi-Olga Guillot
  10. Quien Será- Connie Francis
  11. Triste -Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
  12. Maria del Carmen-Andrés Landero
  13. La Pava Congona-Andrés Landero
  14. LLegue- Joe Cuba Sextette

Reporting Texas + Chulita Vinyl Club

“Chulita” is a Spanish term of endearment, and Saenz remembers her grandmother telling her “ay, que chula,” or “oh, how cute,” when she was a child. Saenz gave it new meaning by incorporating it into the group’s name as a declaration of female empowerment. “We are chula because we are beautiful, poised [and] confident,” she said.

Chulita Vinyl Club Austin + CVC Founder Claudia Saenz talk to Reporting Texas, a digital media initiative from the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin about the importance of comadres, historical preservation and togetherness. Take a read!